You can make end-of-life choices that reflect and adhere to the same values that guide your life.

I help individuals and families to think through and plan for after-death care and commemorations.

I sell biodegradable caskets and shrouds for burial or cremation.  They are beautiful and made of natural fibers and materials - not the typical casket.  

Caskets or shrouds are necessary items that can offer us some measure of comfort through personally-meaningful expressions of love. Using these caskets/shrouds can help us emotionally as well as address practical and ecological concerns. The caskets I sell here are beautiful as is, but you can also decorate them or even make a simple casket.  Art, creative expression, and doing things ourselves helps to grieve and honor connections and losses.

The casket was one of the things I focused on soon after my mother's death, wishing for something beautiful that might have helped me to stay more emotionally present.  In thinking about a casket for myself, as well, I found many types of lovely, biodegradable caskets and shrouds that I want to make possible for others to have, too.

I started out first looking for beauty and comfort - and then found out that commonly-offered burial practices have a significant environmental impact!   For example, in America, we bury more than enough metal to rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge every year.   If this was the only way we had to honor those who have died, then we'd do it, absolutely.  But it's gotten a bit far away from the ashes-to-ashes, dust-to-dust concept, hasn't it?  And ultimately, recognizing our place in the cycle of life and death helps us to better live our own short lives.  

We often don't realize what's come to be done in our name, in many areas of life as well as after-death care.   Changing typical practices for environmental reasons can sometimes be a hard decision - but not when it comes to after-death care!   CHOICES THAT ARE BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT ARE ALSO BETTER FOR US EMOTIONALLY.

Alternative choices are available, not just when it comes to caskets but also, for example, in choices about home funerals and natural burial (even in existing cemeteries: no embalming, using a biodegradable casket/shroud, no grave liner/vault.)  Choosing natural burial can also help to preserve natural spaces, which is a wonderful legacy to leave.  

You can review these practical issues with me, thinking through what makes sense for you and your loved ones.  


updated: 1 year ago